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Paradise Found
Finding paradise isn't easy
Gotta find the degrees
Is this the dream that I am building
Or do I have to shatter it
And live in the harshness of reality?
Building dreams is never easy
But when I'm with you
It comes so easily
Want to make it work
Because what I found in you
Is my Sanctuary
You heal me,
Make all my scars disappear
Because you see me
See me for who I really am
And in your eyes I see that you
See me as beauty.
And its then when I look into your
Eyes that I really have
Finally found
Surrounding me
I have found my
And my Paradise is you
I don't have to make it
Not out of dreams
And not from the harshness of reality
All I have to do is look to you
And there it is,
Surrounding me
In you love
I find my Paradise.  
:iconbarsinister:BarSinister 1 0
The Twins
Alright so here's the info on my character's the Twins, they are originally from Miyazaki Japan. They moved to San Francisco when they were eighteen for College and just ended up staying in the area. The oldest twin Kaoru (If anyone is interested in picking him up you can change his first name) is older by elven minutes and he doesn't ever let Kazumi forget it. So to Explain Kaoru:
** To call Kaoru the stereotypical epitome of the ever-infamous class clown is quite a bold understatement to be completely honest. Kao is a very energetic and whimsical young man. He is constantly up to some prank or another, his mind never idle and never bored. The boy is extremely outgoing and knows no inhibitions when it comes to other people, making him very showy. He tends to try and eclipse those around him, quite fond of the limelight. However, this tends to leave him with quite the notorious reputation, which tends to precede him and often gives people many wrong misconceptions.
Kaoru is an e
:iconbarsinister:BarSinister 2 3
Tears I've Shed
I'm not ready to forgive
The tears you made me shed
Supposedly time heals everything
But here I am still waiting
Waiting for the pain to go away...
Waiting for your memory to fade...
Waiting for the guilt to end...
What does it take to set me free?
Free of the pain
Free of the Memories
Free of everything you left behind
You once meant everything to me
But now you hardly mean anything
Forgiveness is hard to give a shade
When all I want to do is give blame
A shade is all you are now
But some how you still haunt my dreams
And I fins I'm still not ready to forgive
All these tears you've made me shed.
:iconbarsinister:BarSinister 1 0
And I clasp my hands in prayer for you
For your safe journey and your safe return
I pray to the faith you Believe in
As I pray to my own
I pray that my whispered words are headed
And they protect you in your travels
No faith is over looked and shot down
Safety is all that I want for you
And so I clasp my hands in prayer for you
For your safe journey and your safe return
My whispered words are for your Protection
In your travels and your peace of mind
Love and friendship guide me
In my whispered words for you
I do not understand how Faith can be an issue
Faith speaks of hope, love, protection and friendship
Not hate, judgment, and fear
And I clasp my hands in prayer for you
I whisper words to the heavens and those who would hear me
I pray that my whispered words are headed
Blessed be my friend, take what you need from my strength and prayers
In your travels and on your journey and your safe return.
Know that my whispered words of protection will always be with you
:iconbarsinister:BarSinister 6 9
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Coming Undone
Everything's falling away from me
Skins peeling back to show the broken side of me
And all I can say is Oh God not Again...
Its tearing me asunder and I don't know How much left I have to give
Cause it all turning to ash right in front of me
Anger and grief are a turbulent mass inside of me
Both fighting for control
Just another part of me that I've lost to something else
So I'm curling up in my mind screaming over and over
But no one can hear because its just an echo from inside
Cracks are growing now, splitting my skin like seams
The red you see are all the broken pieces of me
My minds shattered, or so it seems
Is this the cure they have been giving me?
Or my own insanity? I can't tell you honesty
The insanity is a writhing mass inside of me  
Oh God please Not Again
Not sure I can take it one more time
I've lost so much of myself to ash... don't take another piece of me
Everything's falling away from me
And I'm Coming Undone all over again...
:iconbarsinister:BarSinister 4 8
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Current Residence: Canadia
Favourite genre of music: ... Read the above ^^
Favourite photographer: ...
Favourite style of art: ??
Operating System: ??
MP3 player of choice: Ipod, it rocks my socks
Shell of choice: Any corner store is good :P
Wallpaper of choice: Anything and anything at the moment Some hot chick with tits go figure
Skin of choice: My own thank you!
Favourite cartoon character: hehehe ...
Personal Quote: Will have to find it.
And with a vengeance... I guess. Well lets recap if anyone is interest as to where the hell I have been for the last seven months. Went home for Christmas that was fun, work short sited me money so was stranded up at the parents house, so stayed there working hard and getting money till my little sister Graduated. While I was up there had a small health scare but I am better now!

So finally got back to red deer, YAY I am back! And I have my lovely lovely computer! Hmm What else? Oh! Got my industrial done which is sweet! but yeah thats about it hmmmm.

Not sure whats going on with me actually... I'm feeling pretty fucked up, feel like crying, feel like just falling apart but I'm not all that sad, just upset. Feeling all over the place and yeah just a little messed up.
  • Reading: Captain America/Iron Man fanfics
  • Watching: Weeds and Criminal Minds
  • Playing: Allods
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


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